Christ Church
United Methodist

Glens Falls


WELCOME! The Lenten Season has begun! During this time you will find on this page, devotions, prayers and information on Lent. Keep checking back as this page will change often.

The 40 days of Lent represent Jesus’ time in the wilderness, enduring temptation and preparing to begin his ministry.

What do you think of when you hear the word “Call” ? Could it be your phone ringing? Is it reaching out to someone, or maybe someone has reached out to you. Is it listening to God and acting on what you hear? For everyone that thinks of that word, a slightly different picture will arise. Take time today to think on “call” and what it means to you.

PRAY— Oh Great One who has given us so much. We thank you. Help us to slow down today and listen for our call. In Jesus’ name Amen