What should you expect?

Worship Service begins at 10 a.m

Entering the Building

We’re located at 54 Bay Street in downtown Glens Falls, New York — we’re the big, beautiful stone church building at the corner of Bay Street & Washington Street (behind the Traveler’s building).

Free parking is available along Bay or Washington, or in the parking garage behind the Traveler’s building. The parking lots across the street from the church are also available to park in on Sunday mornings. You can enter the church through the front doors on Bay Street, or park and enter through Washington Street.  The main entrance is through the handicapped-accessible entrance facing Washington Street.

Worship Service

Once inside, folks will greet you at either door, and you can relax in the sanctuary.  Our hour-long service is relatively relaxed and features praise songs, hymns, prayers, scripture readings, children’s message, sermon, and visual presentation.

We have three music books.  The red hymnal has classic Methodist music.  The black hymnal has a variety of music too new to be published in the red hymnal.  The green hymnal has contemporary music.   Either follow the music using the hymnals or look up and read the screens.

There is no dress code – spoken or unspoken– for worship at Christ Church, and you should see a diverse group of people whenever you stop by the church. We invite you to come exactly as you are single, partnered, with or without kids, young or young at heart, poor or poor in spirit. We believe God meets us where we are and invites us to begin, belong, and become together, and we hope you’ll feel welcomed as a part of our community.

On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate Communion (the Lord’s Supper) together. There are no requirements for participation in this encounter with God. All are invited to share in the bread and juice as we seek God together. We serve Communion with grape juice rather than wine, and we have both bread and a gluten-free alternative available so that all may come to the table.


We love the sound of children in the pews. A crying baby in the middle of the sermon or children running laps around the pews will bring a smile to our faces. However, we understand that to most parents, when it is their child crying, it is the worst experience. So we have a few options for children.

In the sanctuary, we have provided brightly-colored cloth activity bags.  Inside the children will find coloring books, story books and crayons.  At the end of the service just return them where you found them.

The Child Care room for infants through 2 years olds is in the Fellowship Lounge, located directly across from the sanctuary.  The room is stocked with all the toys, books and supplies needed for our infants and active toddlers. Parents are welcome to stay with their child and continue to experience the worship service with a closed circuit TV.  Kristen Watz, our child care provider lovingly takes care of our infant to 2 year olds and will be present in the room throughout the service.

Sunday School meets every Sunday (September to May) during the worship service.  Sunday school is available for Pre-K and older.   The younger children come to worship and then are dismissed to their classes after a brief children’s message.

Summer Activity meets every Sunday (June to August) during the worship service.  After the children’s message any child is welcome to join an activity time for games, crafts and play.  The planned activities will be targeted for 3 years old to 3rd grade, but any child is welcome.

After the Service

You are invited back to the Fellowship Hall for refreshments, coffee, and time together following the service. Folks then take their leave, but the service of the church carries on all week through studies, fellowship and community.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk with the pastors directly, please don’t hesitate to contact church office either by phone at 518-793-3468 or by email here.

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